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Natural Breast Enlargement Pills

Natural Breast Enhancement Pills Woman's Miracle natural breast enhancement supplement combines multiple herbs, spices and enzymes to turn on the estrogen receptors in the breast, giving not only increase size, but fuller firmer breasts! It has also been shown to reduce mood swings, aid in digestion, give fuller lips, provide more energy and promote a feeling of well being.

Natural Breast Enhancement Pills For those that just never developed to their full potential, Woman's Miracle Natural Breast Enhancement adds size and density to their breast, giving a fuller and more contoured appearance. While we have seen the greatest size growth in younger women, all women seem to increase in size, with older women seeing greater increase in density. This is also true with women that are larger breasted to begin with. They see more increase in density, and not so much in size, which is what they are looking for.
Natural Breast Enhancement Testimonials

Dear Woman's Miracle,

I was there during the time the women burned their bras because of being thought of only as sex symbols to men. Going braless was all the rage. The saying though was: "If you can hold a pencil under your breasts, you shouldn't go braless."

I couldn't hold a pencil, there wasn't enough there!

After taking Woman's Miracle for three months, I not only can hold pencils, but I pop out over the top of my bras! I LOVE IT!

Several years ago, I asked my husband if I could get "breast implants". "Of course NOT" he replied. "Then could I get new kitchen cabinets?" "Yes, that would be a better idea."

Well, NOW I have my new cabinets AND a great "bust." We both LOVE IT!

Martie R. - Utah

Natural Breast Enhancement Information

Woman’s Miracle:

Woman’s Miracle was designed and formulated as a breast enhancement. We had been seeing all the claims made by others selling an herbal supplement, but when we inquired about their clinical studies, we found that none of them had actually done controlled studies. So we started researching all the herbs found in many of the supplements currently on the market. We found that most had five or six ingredients, with no rhyme or reason as to the amounts or quality of the herbs included within the pills.

So we set about really studying what herbs do, and how it could work to enhance a woman’s bust line. We came up with a formula containing over 15 herbs, in specific quantities, and decided to make the pills ourselves, one at a time, and actually see if they would work. To be honest, we were very skeptical that they would, so we only tried them on a couple of brave volunteers. After 3 months, we were all surprised! They did work. But since we didn’t think that two volunteers were a statistically significant enough sample, we went into a full study using over forty volunteers. The results were more than we could have hoped for! Hence, we now sell these pills, with a guarantee, because we know they work!

But we found that the herbs did so MUCH MORE than just increase size and density. They made women feel better! Women reported fewer mood swings during the month, more feeling of well being, more energy, more regular and consistent bowel movements, less need for anti-depressants and most LOST WEIGHT! Hence the name “WOMAN’S MIRACLE!”

Frequent Asked Questions:

Have any studies been done on your supplements?

Actually, we are the ONLY company that we know of that has done a complete clinical study of our product. That is actually where we came up with the name “Woman’s Miracle”. So many women in the study told us about all the other benefits they were experiencing with our product, that we decided to call it what they were all ready calling  it, their own “Woman’s Miracle!”   This was of course in addition to the added size, firmness, and volume of their breasts.

How many capsules are in a bottle?

Each bottle of contains 90 capsules. This is a one months supple, taken three times daily.

How likely is it that Woman’s Miracle will work for me?

Most women experience a significant increase in size and firmness in their breasts from using Woman’s Miracle. The most drastic results are often reported from women with “A” and “B” cup sizes. These women frequently describe having gained one and two full cup sizes from only a few short months of use.

How long does it take for Woman’s Miracle to work?

Most women begin to see results in 6 to 8 weeks, with full results being achieved between 6-15 months. However, due to differences in individual metabolic rates and body chemistry, results may vary. Generally smaller busted women notice the quickest gain. Women that are larger breasted and taking the pills for the “lift” or “density” benefits, will take a little longer to show up, but they do experience a fuller, firmer breast.  Remember, this is not augmentation where you will wake up with larger breasts.  It’s all about having the “REAL THING.”  Woman’s Miracle is ALL-NATURAL and will take a little time, but you breasts will be all yours, full and firm.

What can I do to maximize my growth?

Avoiding caffeine, smoking, and alcohol. All can have a significant negative effect on a woman’s results, although you will still see results. Furthermore, many women reported experiencing faster results when accompanying the use of this product with using heating pads and massaging  their breasts ½ hour after taking the nightly dose. Also regular exercise is conducive to increasing the effect of the pills by distributing them more evenly throughout the body.

Is Woman’s Miracle perfectly safe?

While no one can guarantee the safety of any supplement, those participating in the study had very few negative side effects. In fact, the only negatives  we received was that one woman had an upset stomach if she took 2 pills at a time and another woman had loose bowels for the first 2 weeks. Woman’s Miracle is comprised of all-natural ingredients that work harmoniously together, improving your overall health and well-being. Although ingredients used in our product are very potent, they are also exceptionally gentle on your system. As the pills are all-natural, you will find your overall health benefiting from using Woman’s Miracle as well as your bust size.

Can I take this product with medications or birth control pills?

There is no evidence that combining the herbs in Woman’s Miracle with medication or the birth control pill would have any harmful effects. If you have any concerns for any reason you should, of course, consult with your physician. One physician actually had one of our study volunteers STAY on the medication while she underwent chemotherapy, for cervical cancer. He felt that the ingredients would help her body heal itself after the chemotherapy, and reduce the negative effects during the treatment.

Could I gain weight by taking Woman’s Miracle?

Probably  not!  In our study, we found that most women LOST weight while on the supplement. Since this was not a result we were expecting, we didn’t weigh the volunteers before and after. However, their baseline measurements all decreased in all but one volunteer.

Could my breasts become too large from using Woman’s Miracle for an extended period?

No. There is a natural, predetermined size to which your breasts will grow. Woman’s Miracle will assist your body to achieve this previously un-achieved potential. You will not develop beyond that. Your breasts will only grow proportionately to your personal body size. In studies done by others, it was found that many women don’t achieve their full potential in bust size due to many causes. Environment, diet, hormone balance and pregnancy all effect the natural growth of your breasts. Woman’s Miracle seems to eliminate the negative effects of all of these, and give you what you were meant to have.

Am I too old/young to benefit from Woman’s Miracle?

Absolutely not!  In fact our oldest volunteer was 62 years old. Her husband was a Doctor, and didn’t believe this would work, but since he didn’t want to pay for breast augmentation surgery, his wife volunteered to do  the study. About one month later, he was amazed, and said he had the woman back that he had married 35 years earlier! Woman’s Miracle is designed as a safe and effective formula for girls and women of all ages. Women who have had children may also appreciate the “restorative” actions of Woman’s Miracle.  Our Study regarding the ingredients in Woman‘s Miracle  concluded with the following observations:

Results for Young Girls ages 18 to 21

In teenage girls positive results occur sooner than other age groups studied. Significant improvements in breast tissue mass have been reported as early as the third month. All reported some improvement after 60 days.

Results for Young Women ages 22 to 35

This age group experienced the greatest improvement overall of uplifting and smoothing of wrinkled areas – usually within the first 90 days of use. Many women also reported a significant reduction in stretch marks.

Results for Adult Women ages 36 to 55

This age group reported slower, but overall greater, long-term results than other age groups. There were few women in this age group who reported noticeable improvements in tissue mass or uplifting in the first thirty to sixty days. However, during the following months (months three to six) dramatic results were reported by nearly all.

Results for Mature Women ages 56 and up

Women in this age group were shown to be the most receptive to pituitary gland stimulation. It is thought that this post-menopausal age group has the lowest levels of natural estrogen and other tissue growth promoting hormones. Therefore, the introduction of key ingredients resulted in the best overall results for all ages tested. There were few, if any, reports of miraculous results in the first one to six month period. However, nearly all noticed improvement and were very pleased with the overall improvements especially in firming and wrinkle reduction.

I’m nervous about ordering, I would prefer my order to be kept very discreet. Can you accommodate me?

We understand our customers desire for privacy and discretion. Therefore, we ship all orders in very discreet parcels. All parcels are labeled simply as “Christensen Laboratories Inc.”.

How many Woman’s Miracle pills should I take each day?

Recommended dosage is 1 pill in the morning, 1 pill midday  and 1 pill in the evening. Avoid missing doses, and make up any missed doses as soon as possible.

I am really self conscious about the size of my breast, will Woman’s Miracle  really help me?

Yes, the reason we did a clinical study before going into full manufacturing of the supplements, was that our reputation was more important that just selling one product. Those on our study found that they developed a new level of confidence, their clothes fit better, and they felt more attractive.  In fact, you will notice, we are truly here to help women and charge considerably less than others, and actually have more test results than others.

I like the size of my breast. However, my breast are not has perky as they used to be prior to breast feeding my children. Will Woman’s Miracle help to restore the natural contour of my breast?

Yes, Woman’s Miracle will help improve the contour of breast. Many women especially as they grow older just want to maintain the shape and size of their breast.  Woman’s Miracle will assist you in filling and firming your breasts.

Aside from fuller more natural breasts are there any other benefits to taking Woman’s Miracle?

Yes, there has been some exciting new studies revealing that the same herbs in the Woman’s Miracle  proprietary blend are responsible for blocking the proliferation of cancer cells. Initial studies show a decrease in both breast and uterine cancer growth. The proprietary blend in Woman’s Miracle  have also been shown to promote the following positive effects:

* Lowers incidence of female related cancer i.e. breast, cervical, ovarian, & uterine
* Decreases the risk for strokes and other cardiovascular disease
* Improves sexual function and libido
* Minimizes the symptoms associated with menopause i.e. hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, loss of libido, irregular  periods, dry vagina, loss of tone in the breast, memory lapses, incontinence, weight gain, osteoporosis, etc.
* Relieves the symptoms of PMS e.g. mood swings, cramping, cravings, bloating, headaches, fatigue, depression, breast tenderness, etc.
* Inhibits cholesterol absorption and synthesis
* Improves the glucose tolerance in both Type I and Type II diabetes
* Promotes bone building and protects against osteoporosis
* Acts as an antidepressant or mood enhancer  that gives women a feeling of happiness and well being
* Natural diuretic thus helping to control fluid balance
* Promotes thermogenesis (the rapid conversion of the food we digest into heat before the calories can be stored as fat), hence, weight loss.
* Regulates bowel function. Great improvement for those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Loose stools become firmer and more regular, and those with chronic constipation, have looser and more regular movements.

I am starting a new diet will Woman’s Miracle help me to maintain my breast size even though I am losing weight. It seems my breast always decrease in size whenever I lose any weight?

Yes, an estimated 60-70% of women who use our breast enhancement formula are currently on some sort of diet program. These women still report excellent results with the natural herbal supplement. However, the results of the breast enhancement supplement will not be as pronounced in women who lose excessive weight i.e. 20-30 percent of their pre-dieting weight.

How long should a woman continue to use Woman’s Miracle?

Different women, as mentioned above, will have different results. However, we recommend taking Woman’s Miracle  for at least 3-6 months based on how full you would like your breast to appear. However, some women have found that they like the way they feel on the supplement, and continue to take the pills even after they have achieved their desired breast size. There should be no negative effects to taking the pills for a prolonged period.

If I take the recommended dose of Woman’s Miracle how much growth in my breast can I expect?

Most women that follow the recommended dose for at least three months a growth of 23% or at least one cup size. These women also report a more full and natural contour of their breast. In our study, the average increase in density was over 58% increase in the first three months.

My daughter is only sixteen and her breast have not began to take shape like most of her friends can she safely use Woman’s Miracle?

Yes, although for our study, we didn’t use anyone under the age of 18,  it is safe for your daughter to use the herbal supplement. Teens going through puberty will often have exceptional results especially with concern to the initial growth spurt. We recommend printing the ingredients and discussing the use of the supplement with your child’s physician.  You may contact us if you have further questions regarding this matter.

I am nearly fifty and starting to experience “hot flashes” that are associated with menopause, is there any reason why I should not take the breast enhancement supplements?

No, many women going through menopause have benefited tremendously from our supplement program. In fact, many women experiencing the same symptoms, who also use Woman’s Miracle, have reported that it minimizes the symptoms associated with menopause i.e. hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, loss of libido, irregular  periods, dry vagina, loss of tone in the breast, memory lapses, incontinence, weight gain, osteoporosis, etc.  Please discuss with your local physician if he/she has you on any type of hormone replacement therapy.

What type of standards are set up to assure quality herbal products?

* Registered by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).
* Manufacturer policies and quality assurance/quality assessment protocols strictly adhered to the good manufacturing (GMP) guidelines set forth by the FDA.
* All raw materials are tested for authenticity by our in-house laboratory prior to the use in any of our products
* The manufacturing area is designed to facilitate the operation from the time of receipt of raw materials to the time of shipping of the finished product. The areas are organized in a manner to prevent confusion, mis-labeling or contamination of raw materials.

Will I have to stay on Woman’s Miracle for the rest of my life?

Following their initial therapy, individuals do not have to take the supplement forever . We do however recommend a maintenance dose consisting of taking one pill a day for a month, then 1 pill every other day for a month. This should be sufficient for the effects to become permanent.

Should Woman’s Miracle  be taken if a woman is pregnant or breast feeding?

Women who are pregnant or breast feeding should consult with their obstetrician prior to taking the product. There has not been enough clinical studies to know whether the herbs in the supplement would have a detrimental effect on a developing fetus or a newborn infant. Unless told to continue by a physician, we would recommend discontinuing the supplement until no longer pregnant or breast feeding. Better safe than sorry!

In the beginning I noticed a significant increase in my breast size, however, the growth has slowed down”. Should I continue to use the breast enhancement supplement?

This is a common occurrence, often women will reach a brief plateau phase followed by another significant growth period. Continue to use the supplement for another 6-8 weeks to see if your breasts are really finished growing, or just in a plateau phase.

My breasts are currently uneven, my right breast tends to be significantly smaller than my left breast. Will the herbal enhancement supplement help?

Yes, the supplement will promote an even growth of the breast, however, please remember no two breast are perfectly symmetrical.

Should women who have a history of breast cancer or benign tumors use Woman’s Miracle?

Although there has been no correlation with the herbal ingredients and breast cancer, any woman with known breast conditions should keep in mind, the ingredients are all-natural herbs, and should also consult with their physician prior to taking any supplements

I do not have a credit card may I pay with a check or money order?

Yes, we welcome payment via check, money order, and debit card.  We accept PayPal as well.   Visit our Contact Us page and fill out the form with your contact information. We’ll contact you with payment details.

How should Woman’s Miracle be stored?

The product should be stored out of the reach of children, at room temperature, and away from direct sunlight. Do not store prescription medications or herbal supplements in or near your bathroom. The humidity generated by the shower can often decrease the shelf life of the medication or supplement. Remember, the most common cause of any supplement not meeting the expectations of the user is noncompliance or failure to take the supplement as prescribed. Individuals should strive to have the supplement in a place or places where they will remember take the supplement.

Please note: The above information is intended to supplement, not substitute for, the expertise and judgment of your physician, pharmacist, or other health care professionals. The information should not be construed to indicate that the use of the product is appropriate, safe, or effective for each individuals use. Individuals should consult with their health care professional prior taking any new product.