Natural About Woman's Miracle For over 30 years, Christensen Labs, has promoted healthy lifestyles. The Founder, Randy Christensen, originally researched and developed "Woman's Miracle" as an alternative to his daughter-in-law's desire for Breast Augmentation. She had two small children and wanted her full, youthful breast back.

Randy believed, there was a way to increase breast size naturally, without harsh or dangerous surgeries. He contacted companies that "CLAIMED" increased results; however, he kept coming up with the same issues...there were no studies that actually showed real results.

Randy, then set out to learn more about herbs and the affects they have on our bodies. After much research, trial and error, he finally discovered the formula used in "Woman's Miracle!" He quickly got two volunteers to agree to take his pills for 3 months and let themselves be measured and photographed, before and after. The results amazed both the volunteers and Randy!

Knowing, that having only two women was not enough proof of their effectiveness, Randy asked for more volunteers, and the response was huge. Not only, did the pills increase size, but also volume in women who's breast had "flattened" or hollowed out from child bearing and nursing! Volunteers averaged an increase in size of 22% every 3 months and an astonishing 58% increase in density. That ranges from a 1/2 cup size, and in some women, 2 cup sizes over a few months time. A bold claim, but they are ACTUAL RESULTS. Even more amazing were the side effects women reported! Increase in happiness and a feeling of wellbeing, reduction of headaches, increase in skin tone, reduction of wrinkles, regularity in bowel movements, and some reported ease through their monthly period and/or menopause symptoms. These are just a few of the positive effects, which make "Woman's Miracle" a true miracle.

Woman’s Miracle is Truly a Miracle

March 3rd, 2011 |


Woman’s Miracle has made an incredible difference in my life! For several years I suffered with digestion complications as a result of having my Gall Bladder removed. After many different attempts to correct the problem, my surgeon informed me that I was probably one of the rare few who, after having my gall bladder surgery, would probably struggle with stomach pain for the rest of my life.

This news was heartbreaking. I had not been able to keep solid food in my digestive tract, any food I ate produced severe stomach cramps and constant diarrhea. I was a mess, losing weight, strength, feel weak and distressed all the time. I tried everything imaginable to find relief. Doctors had me try powdered mixes designed to add fiber to my digestive tract, these had a small but minimal effect. I was even given anti-depressants in an attempt to slow my digestive rate.

It was at this point in time I was introduced to Woman’s Miracle. Randy Christensen, became aware of my plight and suggested that the herbal ingredients in Woman’s Miracle might help me find relief. Within two days of taking Woman’s Miracle, I began to be able to eat without stomach pain. Several days later my bowel movements returned to their normal function. It has been five months since I first took Woman’s Miracle, and I am back to my normal self and feeling great!

Thanks to Woman’s Miracle, I have my life back!

Lanette O.